Women and Porn

Women and Porn

Women and Porn

One comment I am hearing a lot lately is “I think there should be some information about the myth that only men watch porn.”

So true!  This actually is a myth.  While studies vary by location and what they are looking at, they all show that women also watch porn.

One US study showed that 30% of women and 70% of men admit to watching porn.

Another American study showed that 17% of American women admit to watching internet porn. One in every 4 dollars spent on porn are by women.

A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior showed that 45% of couples view porn together and it improves their relationship

And in France, studies show that 62% of French women watch porn.

While both men and women find pornography stimulating, studies show that they focus on different features.  One study found that heterosexual men focus most on the woman’s face, then on the genitals.  Naturally cycling women (not on hormonal birth control) look most at the genitals and the woman’s body, and less on the faces.  Women on hormonal birth control are looking more at the “contextual features of the situation” (i.e. clothing, environment), some on the face and body and least on the genitals.

And for those women who despise porn because they feel that it contributes to violence against women, studies show that while porn consumption has dramatically increased in the past 2 decades, the incidence and frequency of rape has decreased.

In sex coaching, I have found that couples watching porn together can be a positive activity that adds spice to their sex life.