The purpose of Goddess Pillow is to be a decorative sex education prop.  This vulva replica is a combination of plush softness and beauty that allows for a nonthreatening and enjoyable “show and tell” of the female genital anatomy. It’s also a soft fun pillow to decorate your boudoir or sexual healing office!

Back when I was completing my SCU courses, I was introduced to vulva models on the market. While I appreciated the concepts, I was not thrilled with the designs.  I wanted to create a product suitable for all ages that was both tactilely and visually pleasing and could bring the “down there” to “up here” with the innocence of a stuffed animal.  I have a vision of the Goddess Pillows being used by mothers to teach their daughters the beauty and function of their vulvas. As a decorative display piece, my hope is that the Goddess Pillow will prompt normalizing conversations surrounding this hidden area.

Each Goddess Pillow is created from the same pattern and includes a vaginal vault snuggled deep into its stuffing which can be used to house a small vibe or bullet, ooh lala! There is the option to purchase a pillow from the available stock  (approximate size W-9 x L-11 x Depth-51/2 inches) or I can custom make to your color and size specifications (prices may vary). All plush material designs are made of washable material.I recommend  spot cleaning only.

The Goddess Pillow is priced at $79. US shipping included.


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