Women and Porn

Women and Porn One comment I am hearing a lot lately is “I think there should be some information about the myth that only men watch porn.” So true!  This actually is a myth.  While studies vary by location and what they are looking at, they all show that women also watch porn. One US…Read more »

Low Libido Blues

LOW LIBIDO BLUES LOW LIBIDO BLUES One of the most distressing complaints I hear from my female clients is that they experience low libido. Women tell me “I used to love sex, and now I don’t even want to want to have sex!” Here is a question I’ve heard a lot: why don’t I want…Read more »

Sex and Laughter

Sex and Laughter……Jest for the Health of it Sex and laughter are two of life’s most pleasurable acts, so it should come to no surprise that they have health benefits that are quite similar. Common benefits of sex and laughter: 1.    It feels good! 2.    Burns Calories.  10-15 minutes of hardy laughter can burn 10-40…Read more »